The Open Dental Community (ODC) unites the independent dentists who are interested in the self-development and aims to share their ideas with the world community.

The ODC is the space free of stereotypes.

It gives a chance to each of the members to present his ideas and to be heard by a wide audience.

Who determines the development of the dentistry today – doctor or manufacturer?

This question has become rather popular last years. Obviously not only the science and experience but also the marketing play an important role in the modern dental evolution.

But is it correct?

The dental implantology has became the first direction of the ODC activities. The ODC scientific team has elaborated the criterions of the evaluation of the initial clinical situations. Based on these criterions the clinical cases have been grouped and organized in the classification.

40 typical cases have been determined and for each of the cases the optimal protocol of the implant treatment has been established.

In the treatment protocols 3 types of dental implants are used – rootform, compressive and basal. These types of implants have been chosen because they are recognized as the most efficient on the basis of the long-term global studies, observations and experience. As the result the following problem has appeared.

In fact the majority of the dental specialists are planning the treatment based on the implant system they use, that means on the protocol, proposed by the manufacturer. So there is the reason to say that the dentists who use the implant system of the unique manufacturer are originally limited in their choice.

The Open Dental Community aspire to draw attention to the current situation. The possible solution can be the consolidation of the most efficient concepts of the dental implantology in the one implant system. By this way The Open Dental Community aims to present the independent doctors opinions and ideas, and promote an original way of thinking which should help to find an objective and efficient treatment protocol.

We’re extremely proud of every Member of the Open Dental Community team! And we’re looking forward to meet new friends.

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